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Dr. Sanchez


Dr. Roslyn Sanchez has over 18 years of clinical experience in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Her conversational, down-to-earth style fosters a non-judgmental therapeutic environment allowing her to connect with adolescents and adults across diverse cultural groups and sexual orientations. She enjoys providing individual, couples, group, and family therapy for a broad range of treatment issues. She specializes in psychological treatment for depression, anxiety, transitional life issues, stressors related to incarceration and/or legal issues, challenges with acculturation, trauma, and interpersonal relationship issues.

Dr. Sanchez has held several leadership positions, including serving as the Clinical Director of a licensed psychiatric hospital and Chief Psychologist. Her extensive multidisciplinary supervision experience provides a unique skill set which facilitates therapeutic exploration of workplace issues related to improving productivity, preventing and coping with burnout, navigating workplace politics, executive leadership challenges, and achieving work-life balance.

She conceptualizes cases from an integrative approach utilizing a variety of evidenced based practices including cognitive behavioral, emotionally focused therapy, psychodynamic, family systems theories and principles of mindfulness. Her strength based, emotionally focused treatment empowers her patients to process difficult emotions, improve self-awareness and insight, and identify relational dynamics and thought patterns that interfere with mental wellness.

Within relationship counseling, Dr. Sanchez fosters a safe therapeutic environment for couples to explore difficult emotions together that negatively impact their communication and interactional patterns. By identifying the underlying emotions within challenging issues, couples discover healthier ways to resolve conflicts and sustain emotional connectedness through effective and authentic communication.

Psychological assessment and collaborative goal setting allows for Dr. Sanchez’s treatment interventions to be tailored to the specific cultural and psychological needs of each patient. Psychoeducation is a key component of Dr. Sanchez’s treatment which supports sustained improvements beyond treatment.

Dr. Roslyn Sanchez is a licensed psychologist in Maryland and California. She received her Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology from Alliant International University in San Diego, CA. Her clinical experience has been in private practice, community organizations, and correctional settings in Maryland and California. Her practice is virtual, provided through Doxy, a secure video platform. She has found this modality to be highly effective and convenient for the patients she treats. Dr. Sanchez is authorized to practice under the Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact (PSYPACT) which allows her to provide tele-therapy to residents within over 27 participating PSYPACT states (click here for a list of participating states                       (301) 913-4400


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