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Dr. Wise provides psychotherapy to adults, adolescents, and couples. In his nearly twenty years in practice, Dr. Wise has developed an approach to treatment that is both supportive to his patients and challenging of them. Dr. Wise will spend a sufficient but brief amount of time on patients’ histories to get a picture of what their lives have been like up until that point but after that, the focus is primarily on the present moment and identifying and managing current impediments to personal growth and fulfillment in life. It is toward those purposes that Dr. Wise guides the therapy. After a few meetings, Dr. Wise will craft a therapeutic plan with the input and approval of his patients suitable to the individual needs of each patient and use evidence-based practices and theoretical approaches to help his patients thrive.


Dr. Wise treats patients who are experiencing depression, anxiety, difficult life transitions and grief. With the couples he treats, he focuses on guiding the the couple toward communicating openly and clearly with each other so that they may free themselves from the cycles of blame and resentment that harm their relationship. Dr. Wise also works with athletes and performing artists on maximizing their talents in their chosen pursuits.


Dr. Wise received his doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the George Washington University Center for Professional Psychology in 2001. He completed post-doctoral internship and post-graduate fellowship at the Fifth Avenue Center for Counseling and Psychotherapy in New York City. He has been a clinical supervisor for graduate students from his alma mater and at the Maria Droste Center for Counseling in Denver, Colorado.

Matthew Wise, Psy.D.

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