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Hallie Strauss, Psy.D.

Dr. Hallie Strauss provides individual therapy to adolescents, young adults, and adults who are seeking greater insight into their thinking, behavior, and emotional patterns, as well as those who are currently experiencing psychological discomfort. She has worked with a wide variety of individuals, all with unique and diverse concerns. Dr. Strauss strongly believes that a greater understanding of one's emotions and thoughts can lead to important behavioral changes and a significantly improved life. 


A significant portion of Dr. Strauss's work and training has been with individuals in community mental health and inpatient settings. As such, she greatly enjoys working with adolescents, their families, and those with more significant emotional and personality issues.  Additionally, she has engaged in trauma and life transition focused therapy with those experiencing distress over sudden changes and traumas.  Individuals that have worked with Dr. Strauss in this manner include those struggling with LGBT issues (whether the individual or a family member), chronic mental illness, and acute mood problems. Dr. Strauss conceptualizes therapeutic work from a psychodynamic perspective, and employs an empathic and technically eclectic approach to therapy. 


Dr. Strauss received her doctorate in clinical psychology from the George Washington University in 2014. She completed her doctoral internship at APA-accredited Valley Behavioral Health in Salt Lake City prior to moving back to the Washington DC area for a Postdoctoral Residency at Saint Elizabeths Hospital. During graduate school, she worked in variety of settings, which include the judicial system, hospitals, and outpatient clinics, with a diversity of individuals. 


Dr. Strauss can be reached at (202) 714-7797 or via email at .

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